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Department Of Master Of Business Administration

Business Management is both a Science and an Art. At MALINENI, the students of MBA are trained to acquire not only the managerial skills, entrepreneurial skills, business management abilities and leadership qualities but also the leading-edge ability to progress from a 'competitive mindset' to a 'compatibility mindset'.They know exactly 'what' to do, precisely 'when' to do and accurately 'how' to do a business and not merely to run a business and managing multiple projects.

The MBA Department organizes training programs and activities on the lines of I.S.B to make the students globally competitive. The Department has highly qualified and experienced faculty with vast academic experience and industry background, who train the students not only to 'acquire' the knowledge but also to 'use' the knowledge. The students are groomed as innovative managers who can explore the unexplored areas in the fields of business, commerce and trade with an ability to take calculated risks and emerge as successful leaders in this competitive corporate world.

Head Of The Department

B. Naga Syamala, MBA
Malineni Lakshmaiah Group Of Institutions
Malineni Lakshmaiah Group Of Institutions