Vision & Mission

Mrs.K.SWETHA, M.Tech., (Ph.D)
Head-Training & Placements


To help unleash the latent talents of our young learners in a friendly, fun-filled and enabling learning environment in order to make their education meaningful and worthwhile to them and to the rest of the world by making them meet corporate expectation and placing them in reputed companies.


To achieve the Vision, the Department strives to

  • Transform students into preferable resources for industry and society with appropriate trainings in the fields of Aptitude, Logical thinking, Oral Communication, Written Communication and Technical

  • Skills.Develop interpersonal skills and leadership qualities among students with appropriate Seminars, activities and modern tools.



“Accelerated Digital Training” a unique model designed for 2021 batch students Campus hiring is anticipated to majorly shift on “Virtual Hiring”. Companies are increasingly turning towards virtual hiring solutions. This situation has thrown challenges to the students to effectively participate through online intelligent assessment tools. In view of the above changes, we have transformed our training methodology to Accelerated Digital Learning.

A special syllabus is planned keeping in view the industry requirements and constraints of regular syllabus. The focus of training is on Communication Skills, Aptitude, and Soft Skills, developing the Confidence of Students, improving their Body Language, inculcating Creativity and into making them responsible individuals